These days, the average date consists of hanging on the couch watching Netflix or getting a bite to eat at a mid-range food joint. But there's no reason people can't still put forth effort into date nights by thinking outside the modern box.

Sophistication isn't all about being fancy. It's about being traditional, engaging, and classy. Use one of these three sophisticated date night ideas to really wow that pretty girl or handsome guy you've had your eye on. It is guaranteed they will see the thought behind your planning and will grant you a second date! If you want it, of course.

1: Broadway Play

If you aren't sure what is showing in your area, or whether any of them are any good, you can check out Broadway play reviews online. Plays are like modern movies, except well, they're better. Each live showing is unique, varying just slightly from the previous. The cast are live, and this can make for some exciting moments you won't get in a movie theater.

2: Ballroom Dancing

If you don't know how to dance, maybe you could think about taking lessons with your partner, so you can take them dancing. As a bonus, couples who dance together tend to be more in sync with one another and have a healthier, happier relationship as a result.

3: Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are often hosted in restaurants, so you can grab a bite to eat while simultaneously being entertained. You can get a good laugh and learn a lot about your date's humor while at it. If you find out you have the same humor, that's a great sign!

Bonus: Other Date Ideas

·    Rollerblading

·    Drive-in Movie Theater

·    Museum

·    Theme Park

·    Antique Car Show

·    Video game arcade

·    Boardwalk

Broadway play reviews

·    Nature Trails/Hiking/Bike Riding

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