How to Support Local Artists When Decorating Your Home

hand stitch painted canvases

Supporting local artists has many benefits. You get to financially assist the artists, who is a member of the local community. This, in turn, promotes the local economy, and allows your region to prosper. You also get to promote the arts in general, which has many key benefits itself.

One way to easily support local artists happens in a very forgotten place: decorating your home. How can you achieve this? Check out the following ideas to get yourself started.


Pillows can come in many different forms. Perhaps you invest in a few hand stitch painted canvases that match the décor of your living room. Some artists sew uniquely shaped pillows, or some made from recycled materials. Others paint beautiful images or designs through fabric painting, screen art, or hand stitching.

Wall Art

Wall art is the most obvious way to support local artists. This is an effective way to support painters, graphic designers, or photographers. Even utilizing just one or two small frames can make a dramatic difference for a small local artist.

Garden Sculptures

Chances are that you can find a wood carver or stone sculptor within a fifty-mile radius of your home. These make wonderful pieces for your garden, bringing a unique breath of fresh air to an otherwise ordinary yard. Stone angels and wooden bears are the most common forms of garden sculptures, but there are many other types to choose from.

Handmade Nick-knacks

Nick-knacks are small decorative items that can be placed on shelves, desks, tables, or other flat surfaces. There is a vast array of distinct types available. Just a few ideas include:

·    Handblown glass objects

·    Artistically painted stones

hand stitch painted canvases

·    Small wood or stone carvings

·    Porcelain dolls, hand-crafted

·    Small ivory animals

·    Wooden boxes (such as a jewelry box)